Interaction of Ionizing Radiation With Matter

This tutorial, with quiz; is ideal for a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist wishing to earn 2 CEU credit.

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This tutorial gives an overview on Interaction of Ionizing Radiation With Matter

Objectives: Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter

Topics to be covered

  1. Bremsstrahlung production and its utility in producing radiographs.
  2. an explanation of how highly charged particles coming near a nucleus can produce these x-rays.
  3. Photoelectric effect, its causes, and the energy balance involved.
  4. Probability of the photo electric affect occurring based on the Z number of the absorber and the energy of the photon.
  5. Internal conversion and a comparison with Photoelectric Effect
  6. The Compton affect and a description of how high-energy photons interact with matter
  7. Pair production and the energy requirements for this interaction to take place.

After completion of this tutorial, one should be able to

  1. Explain what Bremsstrahlung are and what causes their formation.
  2. Explain the utility of Bremsstrahlung radiation in radiographic procedures
  3. Describe the photoelectric effect and write the equation that explains the energy balance between the incoming photon, the exiting electron, and the binding energy.
  4. Explain the dependence of Photoelectric effect upon atomic number of the absorber and the photon energy
  5. Describe the process of Internal Conversion
  6. Describe the Compton Effect and the type of collision involved regarding elasticity.
  7. Identify Angle f in the equation for Compton Effect
  8. Explain the process of Pair Production, identify the pair, and explain how each of these two particles gives up their energy

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