Sr-82/Rb-82 Generator: Design, Function, and Quality Control

This tutorial, with quiz; is ideal for a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist wishing to earn 2 CEU credit.

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82Sr/82Rb Generator: Design, Function, and Quality Control


  1. Official drug name, clinical indications, and a technical description of this radionuclide generator
  2. A description of the emissive properties of the Sr-82 parent and the Rb-82 daughter and information regarding its penetrability in human tissue
  3. Contraindications and side effects and adverse reactions related to this drug
  4. Generator Quality Control procedures
  5. Dose administration procedure
  6. Imaging procedures
  7. pharmacology
  8. Internal radiation dosimetry associated with the administration of AMYVID

After completion of this tutorial, one should be able to:

  1. List the primary use of the generator
  2. Discuss the parent/daughter relationship of a generator in secular equilibrium
  3. Identify the route of administration, the typical prescribed dose, and the clinical pharmacology of the Rb-82 daughter
  4. Describe the process of elution of the generator
  5. Describe the method of assessing quality control of the generator and the eluate
  6. Give a brief summary of internal radiation dosimetry of the Rb-82 daughter, typically used for myocardial perfusion imaging,

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