Units of Radioactivity

This tutorial, with quiz; is ideal for a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist wishing to earn 1 CEU credit.

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This tutorial gives an overview of measuring units of radioactivity and radiation absorbed dose.  After completing this tutorial:

  • Attendees will understand the measurement of units of radioactivity.
  • Give the definition of activity and identify the number of disintegrations/sec in a Ci and a mCi
  • List all units from Ci to pCi
  • State the relationship between disintegrations/sec and Bq
  • Differentiation between a count and a disintegration
  • State the definition of and formula for Detection Efficiency
  • Define Specific Activity
  • Define Rad, Rem, Quality Factor, Gray and Sievert
  • Perform basic calculations of activity and radiation dose

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