We are a Chicago-based Group. All of our Consultants have advanced degrees (PhD and MD) and average 35 years of consulting and teaching experience. We offer a broad spectrum of general Nuclear Medicine Consulting Services, readily available, at a reasonable cost.

MISSION: to provide the highest quality Nuclear Medicine-related education material for visitors to our websites. CE Credits are available for Nuclear Medicine and PET Technologists, for Nuclear Pharmacists and Nuclear Pharmacy technicians, and for Physicians wishing to meet CME Requirements of the IAC (formerly ICANL).

: on-line tutorials with associated tests, for which we award CE credit; comprehensive practice examinations for technologists and physicians preparing for certification examinations, accompanied by a detailed, integrated answer key; comprehensive PowerPoint lecture notes covering all the basic science of Nuclear Medicine; comprehensive PowerPoint lecture notes covering all the basic science of Radiology; lecture notes on Radiobiology and Radiation Accident Management; a 12-hour lecture series on Clinical Nuclear Medicine, including “Mock Oral Exams”.

:  Each of our consultants has had extensive experience in his/her respective field with expertise in the following areas: Radiopharmacy; Hot Lab Quality Control; Current NRC Regulations; Radionuclide Therapy; Basic Nuclear Medicine Physics; Scintillation Detection, PET, SPECT, Design, Function, and QC of Imaging Equipment; Radiology Imaging Equipment and Quality Control, including CT, MR, and US as well as Classical Diagnostic Radiology


  • Hot Lab design, layout, and equipment selection
  • Mock inspections to insure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Monthly on-site continuing education lectures
  • Acceptance testing of gamma cameras, including cardiac, SPECT and coincidence imaging
  • Consultation and performance testing services related to accreditation of NM and PET facilities by the IAC (formerly ICANL) and the ACR.
  • Evaluation of Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Imaging Equipment in preparation for State Inspections


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Consultants in Nuclear Medicine
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